Faculty Learning Communities

sharing pedagogical ideas and exploring the possibilities together.

Faculty Learning Community meetingOur faculty learning communities (FLC) provide a structure for motivated faculty members to come together to discuss teaching and learning or any topic that impacts faculty success. FLCs meet for one semester and sometimes for the full academic year. 

Some of our most recent FLC groups have focused on trends in higher education, inclusive teaching practices, race and gender in the academy, and designing full online summer courses.  Whatever the interest topic, the FLC facilitator and group members operate under a small-group learning process and identify goals and outcomes for the group. For example, FLCs may produce teaching guides and sample inclusive statements for syllabi or present to VCU faculty and host workshops. 

Our Faculty Learning Community Guidebook outlines our approach with regard to purpose, structure, roles, and support. 

Do you have a great idea for a Faculty Learning Community that you'd like to help facilitate?  Let us know! Send us an email at ctle@vcu.edu

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