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Using Twine to Make Case-Based Learning Come Alive

Thursday, April 26 3-4 pm ALC 4110, 1000 Floyd Ave


Since 2009, the free open source software called Twine, has been used by interactive fiction writers to create “choose your own adventure” stories. More recently its showing up in the classroom with game-based learning. Did you know you can use Twine to modify case studies and help your students be even more actively engaged? This workshop will begin with a review of the basics of case-based teaching. It will then look at examples created in Twine and how this tool presents the opportunity for students to explore multiple paths for decision-making and the resulting outcomes of these choices. Twine is easy enough to learn that a simple hypertext linked case study can be created after this workshopand yet the tool is robust enough for those who want to explore more advanced techniques. 

This workshop makes sense if you want to-


  • Design a more active case-based learning experience 
  • Understand what Twine is
  • Discover the range of faculty-authored Twine learning experiences 


Concrete things you’ll leave with include-

  • An overview of Twine and how to get started
  • A list of helpful resources for learning Twine 
  • A list of faculty-authored Twine learning experiences 

Rubrics for Assessment

When: Thursday June 21, 2018, 12-1pm
Who: Caitlin Bergendahl, Senior Faculty Development Specialist, Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence
Where: School of Pharmacy Smith 545

After this session, participants will be able to: Develop or improve rubrics to assess student presentations; and implement an AACU Values Rubric for assessment.

The CTLE Team

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