The CTLE and Faculty Success team at VCU promotes and enhances teaching effectiveness and student learning through faculty-centered development opportunities. We also support faculty success with a well-rounded 360-degree view of all things faculty must do to thrive throughout their careers. This full view of faculty success includes supporting faculty in teaching, scholarship, writing, performance and creative arts, career goal planning, leadership development, mentoring, balance and well-being, and so much more.

What we do: 

We empower faculty excellence in teaching, scholarship, and career success by intentionally infusing equity and inclusive practices.

How we do it:

  • We provide direct services and programs (e.g., professional, pedagogical) and indirect support through collaboration and connection to resources (e.g., opportunities, networks, evidence and data). 
  • We serve as institutional change agents to promote equity and inclusion and solve problems through transformational leadership practices in alignment with VCU’s mission and priorities. 
  • We facilitate inclusive connections, engagement, and investment in the field of faculty development across VCU and beyond.
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