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Strategies for Making Your Classroom a Brave Space for Difficult Discussions

Date: Friday September 21 2018, 12-1pm NEW DATE!

Location: ALC 4100

Facilitator:  Erin Burke Brown, ASPiRE Director


As classrooms become increasingly more diverse, bringing together students from various backgrounds, it is more important for faculty to facilitate an environment of inclusion. This can be challenging when the educational and political climate are fraught with frustration and tension that can spill over into the classroom. Faculty are in a unique position to model civil discourse, facilitate difficult dialogues, and create spaces where diversity of thought is encouraged.


This 1-hour workshop will provide participants with strategies to turn ‘hot’ moments into opportunities for real-world learning and deepened engagement. Register here!



Title: Developing Technology Enhanced Active Learning Experiences

Date: October 10 2018, 12-1pm

Location:  ALC 4100

Facilitator: Elaine Reeder, Instructional Designer, ALT Lab


Description: Active learning experiences invite students to become an essential participant in the construction of understanding. Student participation and feedback directly influences the instruction being delivered. Technology can facilitate active learning experiences while overcoming hurdles such as class size, room layout, synchronicity, and student location which can limit instruction to a didactic delivery of content. This session lays out a process for developing an active learning experience as well as how to select technologies that can increase the success of the activity. Register here!

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