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CTLE Symposium details for 2019

TEA: Using Video @VCU: Kaltura MediaSpace Basics Training, by Learning Systems
Date: Thursday April 18, 12-1pm
Location: ALC Room 4100 
Facilitator: Tomas Balciulis, Eric Harvey, Learning Systems
Description: Learn all about how to manage your video in Kaltura Mediaspace. Learn how to perform all the fundamental tasks needed to deliver instructional video content to your students, and make simple edits to videos. Add closed captioning, create channels and playlists, add thumbnails, and more! 
TEA: Connecting the Dots: Using Backwards Design to Create Cohesive Instruction
Date: Friday, April 19, 12-1 pm
Location: ALC Room 4100
Facilitator: Sean Koebley, Jonathan Lindsay, Stephen Wechman
Description: This talk will discuss the five components of backwards design and show you how to use this planning strategy to create effective assessments that reflect your learning goals.
TEA: Using Rubrics for Assessment in Blackboard
Date: Tuesday April 30th, 12:30-1:30pm
Location: ALC Room 4100
Facilitator: Jamillah Martin, Learning Systems (Hosted by CTLE)
Description: This workshop will cover the use of grading rubrics for assessing student work. Did you know that you can embed rubrics into Blackboard?  This workshop will be hands-on, so bring your own device!  Together we'll go over building a rubric, and show you how to use in-line grading to grade rubrics inside of Blackboard.
ONLINE: Assignment Design Charrettes
Email for details.
Assignment design charrettes are workshops in which faculty share assignments to get an external perspective from a different discipline. These workshops are designed to give feedback to assignments to help students succeed.  Assignment Charrettes are generally day-long events that gather faculty to share and improve their assignments. The charrette model has been used successfully across a wide range of disciplines to encourage thoughtful development of materials that align with course level and program level objectives. The CTLE is piloting a series of online asynchronous charrettes. Email for details.

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