New Faculty

Welcome New Faculty!

VCU welcomes 50+ new faculty members in spring 2023. Look for your New Faculty Orientation email series.

Part one: Faculty preparation for spring 2023 semester

Part two: Teaching and classroom resources

Part three: Student resources to facilitate learning

Part four: Coming soon!

Another item of interest for new faculty is the panel discussion recording from Faculty Affairs, Artificial Intelligence in the Learning Environment. Be sure to check it out.

Fall 2022:

Our fall 2022 NFO kick off was held on August 16, where we welcomed 73 new faculty members to VCU. As part of a continued welcome, we were pleased to announce the New Faculty Engagement Series. You can view the recordings below:

September 21: Meeting Students Where They Are - view recording

October 19: Charting Your Path to Promotion and Tenure - view recording

November 9: Mapping Your Research (Funding) Trajectory - view recording

More about NFO

During the NFO kickoff event, new faculty receive invaluable information about VCU, our fantastic students, and resources available to you.

A major goal of NFO is to engage faculty in various topics of interest as well as provide tips, tools, and facilitate connections with fellow new faculty and other people to know around campus. We also highlight a myriad of ways for you to explore future campus collaborations and faculty development opportunities.

NFO 2021 program with session recordings >>

Below are a few session recordings you can check out.  You can access these plus other recordings at the program link above.

  • Research DevelopmentThis session highlights services from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation’s Research Development Team, including finding funding opportunities, grant development and grantsmanship, workshops and resources.
  • Promotion and TenureIt is never too early to learn and prepare for promotion and tenure. This session provides general information and tips on the process, preparation, external networks and importance of reviewing unit guidelines.
  • Faculty and Staff working Together on Student SuccessStudent Success is a campus-wide initiative for improving retention, graduation, and successful career outcomes of our students. Watch this session to learn about the student profile of VCU, receive training on when and how to submit Early Alert and Mid-Term grades, and explore one of our resources - VCU major maps!
  • CTLE and Faculty SuccessThe VCU Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence provides faculty consultation, workshops, programs, and resources to promote teaching effectiveness through faculty development. With inclusion and equity at the core of our work, we support all aspects of faculty success including evidence-based instruction, scholarship and writing, well-being, and career development. 

Faculty Resources

We have put together a master document of both university and community resources.  No matter your career stage, promotion rank, discipline, or numbers of years at VCU, we hope you find these resources helpful.  This document will be added to periodically, so be sure to check it out.

VCU Faculty Resources >>

VCU faculty support units

Our friends around campus created videos to introduce themselves to VCU faculty. Please visit the faculty support units video page to learn more!

CTLE playlist icon

Human Resources and Benefits Orientation

Please note, employee benefits is not covered during our Provost’s Office NFO. Human Resources offer separate sessions centered around benefits. Any questions around benefits can be directed to your department's human resources professional or Daynon Smith ( in HR.