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Save the Date - December 4 Writing Retreat

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Save the date for the Friday, December 4 Writing Retreat. Featuring lunchtime keynotes with invited national speaker Dr. Katie Linder. 

Registration and more information can be found on the Writing Retreat page.



Join 14-day writing challenge October 19 - November 1

Did you know you can join NCFDD for free with your VCU faculty account? If you are like us, 2020 has caused some of our plans to be delayed. If you feel like your writing and scholarship got delayed due to the chaos of 2020, then the writing challenge may be a great way to jump back into the habit. Or perhaps you have felt unotivated and going back to writing feels impossible. 

The 14-day Writing Challenge can help! You get access to the Write Now NCFDD dashboard to track daily and weekly goals, how many minutes per day you write, reward yourself for a job well done, and more. You would be amazed how much you can accomplish in just 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks. And you can commit to anything for just 14 days, right? We believe in you!

Time to breathe. Register for Faculty Wellness Day

Join us on October 9, 2020 for some reflection, self-care, teaching and scholarship wellness, work/life integration, and much more. With everything our faculty are facing, we want to focus on you as a whole person, support your well-being, and simply let you know we care about your success and humanity. This day is free and open to all faculty and those teaching courses at VCU.

Check out the full day of sessions and generous people giving their time to bring you everything from gratitude pedagogy to yoga.

Register here


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View the announcement video here.

We are thrilled to announce The Write Track, our new initiative to support faculty in their writing goals, whatever they may be. Be on the lookout for writing retreats, national keynote speaker events, workshops, writing challenges, and new resources. We will offer topical writing workshops on writer imposter syndrome, authorship order, tackling feedback on your writing, tips for success, and more. We are also excited to share the new Just Write accountability sessions for fall 2020. Just Write is the new "Write on Site" with a variety of drop-in offerings Monday through Friday each week.

Stay tuned for more fabulous news to get you on The Write Track!


NEW - Guide to writing anti-racism syllabus statements

This guide was developed as a collaborative effort between the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success, and additional units across VCU. Contributors include both non-Black People of Color and white individuals who engage in and produce anti-racism scholarship and pedagogy.  

Feeling exhausted? We see you. 

NEW resource for VCU faculty who feel they need to make a shift. Our "Make a Shift" tips list for faculty is not going to solve that feeling over overwhelm or prevent all the stress and uncertainty of 2020. And yet, we hope even one or two tips might help you out in some small way. 

Time to Make a Shift!


Fall 2020 Faculty Learning Communities

Thank you to the VCU community members for hosting the following FLC's. 

  • Inclusive and Equitable Teaching - hosted by Ching-Yu Huang
  • Transformative Education across the Disciplines - hosted by Andrew Arroyo
  • "Is this for a grade?" Nontraditional Grading in the College Classroom  hosted by Alli Tharp and Thea Pepperl

Focusing on promotion to full Professor:

  • Tenured Mid-Career Faculty - hosted by Kaprea Johnson and Sharon Zumbrunn
  • Term Mid-Career Faculty - hosted by Maureen Moslow-Benway and Peyton Rowe

Please visit our newsletter for full descriptions and how to register.

 As additional FLCs are developed, we will keep you in the loop.

Save the Date! October 9, 2020 Faculty Wellness Day

Back by popular demand! We are thrilled to bring back the 2nd annual Faculty Wellness Day to focus on you as a whole being. We know that self-care, and well-rounded wellness leads to healthy faculty and sets you up for success. And in the CTLE, we believe faculty wellness and success intertwines with student wellness and success. This fall, we convert the wellness day into a virtual retreat of sorts to bring you wellness support, strategies, tips, and connections for teaching, scholarship, and more.

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Aneta Chrzanowska joins the CTLE

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Welcome to our new Faculty Development Specialist, Aneta Chrzanowska, joining the CTLE for fall 2020. In her work at the Center, Aneta looks forward to developing intercultural and inclusive pedagogical practices, supporting faculty as they reflect on their teaching practices and pedagogical philosophies, exploring instructional innovations, building relationships, and assisting with resource development and successful event planning and execution. Please join us in giving Aneta a warm welcome to the CTLE!

Save the Date - Fall 2020 Writing Retreats

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Save the date for the Fall 2020 Writing Retreat on Friday, September 4 and Friday, December 4. Featuring lunchtime keynotes with invited national speaker Dr. Katie Linder. Registration and more information can be found on the Writing Retreat page.