Inclusive Teaching


In any discipline or field, a key goal as well as challenge is supporting the learning of all students despite their many differences. Through programs, consultations, and resources, CTLE supports teachers in creating learning environments where students of all identities and backgrounds can flourish. This page features a range of online resources that define inclusive teaching and provide specific strategies for practicing it.‚Äč


Framework and Strategies for Inclusive Teaching: This document lists specific strategies for fostering four dimensions of inclusive teaching. Instructors can use it to reflect upon practices they already use or might adopt.


The Research Basis for Inclusive Teaching: This webpage provides an overview of the kinds of evidence that demonstrate inclusive teaching practices can benefit all students' learning.


Setting the Tone for Inclusion: This document suggests concrete practices for intentionally establishing an inclusive learning environment in any discipline.


Creating Inclusive Classrooms: This paper discusses the range of elements that contribute to an inclusive classroom learning environment.


This blog regularly features posts on specific inclusive teaching strategies. Topics include:

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Adapted from materials made public by the Center for Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at University of Michigan under a creative commons license.