Teaching Mentors

 VCU's Office of Faculty Affairs launched its Faculty Mentor Progam in Fall 2017. The purpose of this program is to utilize the expertise and experience of tenured and established faculty to provide support and resources for new faculty as they navigate promotion and tenure processes. The CTLE will spend the 2017-2018 academic year building a complementary program focused on teaching. 

The Teaching Mentors Program is designed to assist faculty of all ranks with teaching issues and challenges. From workflow efficiency to engaging students in substantive in-class dicussions, from managing assessments to designing assignments that promote authentic learning, the Teaching Mentor Program builds on the robust experiences of fellow faculty and faculty developers. A major program goal is to help create lasting relationships and strengthen networks so that our instructional commitments are enjoyable and effective for us and our students. 

Although we are currently in the building phase, please contact the CTLE if you need assistance with a teaching related issue or if you would like to help contribute to this program. 

Thank you,

Enoch Hale, Ph.D.