Profiles in Teaching Excellence

The CTLE (Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence) is seeking submissions from community members who are interested in recording a brief, casual video discussion to showcase teaching excellence at VCU.  This video series is called "Profiles in Teaching Excellence."


The nomination form is at this link:

We look forward to seeing your submission!
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Please email with any questions.


Modeling a scholarly mind at work, and building a community of knowledge: a discussion with Dr. Katherine Bassard, Professor of English at VCU. 

"We all bring our whole selves to the text."  --Dr. Bassard

Learning alongside our students, and personal adaptation as a critical part of teaching and learning; Dr. Marcus Messner, Associate Professor of Journalism, VCU Robertson School of Media & Culture.

Transformative teaching in large lecture classroom environments, and what it means to think like a biologist; Dr. Sarah Golding, Biology Instructor and Director of Undergraduate Research.

Assessing student participation and intellectual engagement in safe learning environments; Dr. Katherine Nash, Associate Professor, Department of English.  Her book, Feminist Narrative Ethics: Tacit Persuasion in Modernist Form

Reflection and metacognition in learning environments, and authentic assessments that capture the richness of learning ecosystems.  Dr. Scott Oates, Director of Academic Integrity and Assessment, Office of Academic Affairs. 

Academic integrity as an integral part of student success; a discussion with Jill Reid, Assistant Professor of Biology

Becoming effective thinkers across languages and cultures; Dr. Kathy Murphy-Judy, Associate Professor of French. "Language is all about negotiating meaning with other people." --Dr. Murphy-Judy

Academic thinking and critical thinking for undergraduate students, and the impact of explicit instruction on intellectual growth; Dr. Brandi Summers, Assistant Professor, African American Studies. 

Dr. Rachel Gable, Assistant Director of Academic Programming at VCU Globe, discusses her ideas about empowering students towards their own success through peer-led learning environments and the practice of critical thinking in the classroom.

Dr. Melanie Buffington, Associate Professor of Art Education, and Dr. Courtnie Wolfgang, Assistant Professor of Art Education, discuss the generalities of their curriculum transformation grant, with a focus on inclusive teaching towards student success.