Our Team


Enoch Hale

Enoch Hale, Director

Enoch Hale is the director of teaching and learning excellence at VCU and founding director for the emerging Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE). Dr. Hale is responsible for cultivating a rich environment for faculty development throughout the university. In doing so, Dr. Hale works to link faculty teaching excellence to student success, advance the scholarship of teaching and learning and evidence-based instructional practices, and advocate for teaching and learning environments that maximize opportunities for all students and faculty to be successful.

Tiffany Freitas,
Executive Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator

Tiffany Freitas is the Executive Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.  During her four years at the University, she has planned and executed many events and looks forward to continue doing so in order to further the mission of the Center.  She recently completed a course at VCU through LWPI and became a certified event planner.  In addition to coordinating events, Tiffany is interested in becoming more involved in program development for the Center, and designing exciting and enriching events around those programs. 

Jessica Shim, Graduate Assistant

Jessica Shim is the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE). She majored in Liberal Studies for Early and Elementary Education and minored in Spanish during her undergraduate years at VCU, and is currently a Masters of Teaching candidate at the School of Education. She is interested in exploring the future of faculty development for pre-service teacher programs and wants to learn how to create a healthy and safe, yet intellectually stimulating, learning environment for students of all ages.

Levi Walter, Graduate Student Worker

Levi Walter is the Graduate Student Worker for the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence. They are currently completing the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Post-Baccalaureate Program at VCU. They hope to later teach topics of gender and sexuality both in higher education and surrounding communities. They are interested in creating a more inclusive space for faculty, staff and students through more comprehensive and applicable programs centering diversity.

This website's design and direction was led by Jessica Shim, Graduate Assistant for the CTLE in Spring 2017.