Core Values

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence is built on three core values: faculty development, teaching & learning excellence, and partnerships.



The CTLE is built on the needs and interests of VCU faculty. Our work strives to be integrative, collaborative, innovative and transformative. 


Promoting and accounting for teaching and learning excellence is the core of the CTLE. We promote excellence through our programs and events, partnerships, and resources. Throughout the academic year and often into the summer, you can find multiple opportunities to become involved. One of our goals is to inform faculty of what is going on for faculty development throughout the university. The CTLE offers many programs and events, but we cannot do it all; so, we strive to hightlight the multitude of faculty development and enrichment opportunities sponsored within various units and deparments. You can find more information by clicking the word "Events" on the main menu header. The center is also part of a national discourse on faculty development; as such, we utilize this network for digital resources that provide guidance on topics ranging from course design and classroom management to teaching with technology and engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning. You can access these through the "Resources" link on the menu header. 


The CTLE seeks to establish partnerships with other academic units to collectively advance shared initiatives and goals to serve the faculty development needs and interests throughout the university system. This collective approach to faculty development will enable a more efficient and impactful utilization of institutional resources for the benefit of faculty and students. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring existing opportunities within your school and/or unit, or to explore new avenues for collaboration.