Assessing the CTLE


Assessment is central to an effective, valued and sustainable Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence. The Center’s assessment plan will be organized with the following orientations in mind:

  • Focus on outcomes (measures of impact) as well as outputs (measures of attendance or participation).

  • Use a variety of measures to collect data directly related to defined outcomes.

  • Use data collected by other units, where appropriate, to better inform and align faculty development initiatives, programs and efforts.

  • Use meaningful data to directly measure the impact of the CTLE.

  • Develop a communication plan that demonstrates CTLE’s value, effectiveness and return on investment to pertinent campus constituents in relevant and appropriate language.

  • Collect and digitally display evidence of teaching and learning excellence being utilized in courses for the purposes of program validation, growth, and scholarship opportunities.

Faculty Competencies

Building on the work of faculty development researchers and the changing nature of faculty work in higher education, the CTLE will work to clarify a series of faculty competencies (Sanford & Kinch, 2016) that match VCU’s unique culture and context. The purpose of articulating faculty competencies is to chart programmatic direction and priorities as well as act as a framework for CTLE assessment. Specific competencies will be constructed by those in Faculty Affairs and faculty fellows.

Faculty Learning Outcomes

Recent research on faculty development, program assessment and institutional alignment suggests that centers for faculty development can greatly benefit from articulating clear faculty learning outcomes (FLO’s) that align with the center’s mission (Hurney et al. 2016). FLO’s will be developed in conjunction with Faculty Affairs and faculty fellows.


CTLE staff will be encouraged, and possibly required, to be active within the scholarly discourses on faculty development, the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), and/or instructional technology. Conducting annual presentations at faculty development and teaching and learning conferences is a hallmark of faculty development scholarly activity and is highly encouraged, although CTLE staff will also be encouraged to conduct research and publish within their respective areas of expertise.